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Adamastorshire (named for the old tales of Adamastor, the titanic Stone Giant of the ancient world) is a low coastal land to the Aust and east of the cities of Pearl and Wells of the Firth of Pearl. The shire is home to the academy town of Stl and some small but renowned farms. There is also a contingent of mechanically-minded Gnomes who run a variety of equipment repair shops.

Being the civilized land lying closest to the dreaded Tormentosa Isles, which lurk just across the Sound of Lies that laps at it's sandy beaches, Adamastorshire is a hub of conspiracy theories and tavern tales of dubious authenticity. This fact, along with the cheerful student-village atmosphere that permeates the home of the Great Academy of the Westfold?, means that many an ambitious bard makes the trek from Fisherhaven?, the Hills of Hermes and Stanford? to learn of the lore of the islands, in order to take back with him new songs and tales to the houses of ill-repute he usually frequents in his homeland.

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