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Dragon Mountains

The Dragon Mountains, called the Drkensberg, Mountains of the Dragon, the Barrier of spears, among many other names, is a semi-legendary mountain range, the highest part of a great escarpment of the Hitherlands. The description 'semi-legendary' is applied because of the huge range of fanciful tales that involve these dread peaks, but the mountains are in fact a reality. Only the elves of the Far East have knowledge of them beyond rumour, but it is known that some of their most powerful nobles have attested to the veracity of the claims about the range.

One of the best known tales of the mountains is that of the Caverns Of Ingla, supposedly inhabited by terrible eel-like water dragons known as Inkanyamba, which migrated there from their spawning grounds at kwa-Nogqaza (which lore-masters of the House of the Sky-spear translate as "Place of the Tall One", a great and cursed waterfall). And so it came to pass, that at the eastern feet of the Dragon Mountains, the slimy monsters disappeared into the dark grottoes of Ingla's caves and there grew very great indeed. But before becoming too large to leave their mountain chambers, the horrors began hunting beyond their cool watery depths. The fearful creatures, slithering into villages at night, ate animals and sleeping alley-men whole, leaving stinking snail-trails of slime all the way back to the mouths of the caves...but they have not emerged in many years, it is said, and it is possible they have grown so fat as to be unable to emerge and terrorize the lowland towns again, at least for a while.

There are other tales too, those of great winged serpents that fly between the misty peaks, and descend the slopes at high speed, snatching at goats and people that get in their way.

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