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Greatwood is a dwindling forest of spectacular oak and pine trees that lies on the nordh-easterly slopes of the Devil Peak on Tormentosa Isle. It's full name is "The Great Wood of Healing" due to it's inherent healing powers. An unknown forest-aura slowly dulls pain and heals wounds. On some days it is said to lighten the spirit and remove worry, but at other times it causes inward reflection that can be painful, yet ultimately positive.

Greatwood is a forest of many moods, with the changing direction of the sun and ever-shifting edges of the Long Cloud making sure you never see the same scene twice.

To the aust of Greatwood lies the high forest of Paradhs, last retreat of the Elven Guardians of Paradhs, and beyond that the Cursed Forest, a jungle garden which was once part of the larger Realm of Greatwood? before it fell from grace. The dark trees clinging to the east slopes of Devil Peak above Greatwood just Aust of the gap of Clauhnearu is called the Blackwood, or the "Scarred Forest?".

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