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The Halflings (who call themselves Olbtlara in official circles, but are referred to as Abata, Mila or Nsini by other races, as well as many of their own kind) are men-folk of very small stature that prefer to live in carefully constructed underground dwellings that are in places (such as the Burroughs of Austershire), of mansion-like opulence. They are well-known for their detailed maps of the Westfold regions they inhabit, and their far-reaching family histories. They too have become renowned for their able maintenance of highly accurate mercantile records, and indeed, many Olbtlar have worked their way into top positions in the treasuries of the Great Chief in recent times.

Many sages of their kind believe the halfling race derived from an ancient forest-dwelling people called the Pyglings (the Utunyo-kamafumo) who worshipped mysterious forest-spirits the named Alvar, but Endhro scholars have other ideas. A certain lore-master at Adamastorshire noted that given their subterranean dwelling habits, many contemporary Nsini tribes have very strange mythologies pertaining to pictures in the sky.


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