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Horror Crag

Horror Crag is a mountain found on the Island of Tormentosa, which rises out of the Atalantean Ocean at the very Aust of the Known World. The island itself often borrows the name of the dread mountain in bard's tales of it's dangers. Called variously Orodram, Tabliant and Ammon's Mesa among another names, it is the largest peak in a connected semi-circle known by locals as Echorit, or The Cloak, part of the larger Sea Mountain chain that includes also the inland Westfold Mountains of Hithervard.

Some say Tabliant is so called for the hidden secret that underneath the eternal wisps of the Long Cloud - that have covered it since as far back as anyone can remember - the mountain is flat-topped like a table, a misty place where giants roam. To this day no reliable climber from the Campsite Beach Commune or it's surrounding populations have yet attempted to prove the tale truth or myth.

The sheer and rocky nordh-east faces look out over the bay of the Cloaked City Ruins and beyond to the streaming waters of the Sound of Lies. Standing in the center of the ruins, looking Aust-west and peering up towards the precipitous cliffs, one feels shut out as by a solid wall, which forbids travel to the interior of the island and further into Adamastor's realm.

Looking close, one perceives a massive diagonal gash in this front face of the mountain, hiding an ancient and cunningly-wrought path that winds steeply up the crevasse and plunges into the misty grey realm of the Long Cloud that has ever covered the summits of the Echorit. What dwells there to be discovered by those brave enough to dare it's misty paths, no-one can tell. The ranger guard? of Cragwatch Castle? will tell you that the crevasse is named The Rending, and of the few madmen who haved dared to set out thither, high up into the clouds, none have returned. The foolhardy few who have traveled to it's foot and thence turned back, did not long contemplate the climb, as all reported being seized by a sudden onset of frantic terror and over-riding panic. They fled to the safety of lower altitudes.

Travellers going back and forth between the Campsite Beach Commune and the realm of Paradhos (who are less in number these days) make sure to drop off the High Road? before reaching the foot of the Rending, and enter instead the Gardens of Proteus? and Forest of Deerhaven on their way around the nordh-east coasts of Tormentosa Isle.

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