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Origin Stories

Tales of how the Austfolk came to be, as told in their own ancient and forgotten tongues:

A poem by the sage R'rephistch rpherischt derived from his second syncretic analysis:

	The Darkness of Nothing, in Deepness a Yearning,
	Time was Becoming, before Wisdom or Learning.
	Lad'n and Loathsome, fell lingering Dark
	Eternity of excess, most excellent Spark.

	Hoary black hide, bearded and Long,
	His heavenly bulk, Helm of Horrors unsung,
	Hateful Hell-golden, head-stone of green,
	Hulking, heavy hornd, hails shimmering sheen.

	He draws nearer to Night, tastes with his tongue,
	The End of the Aeon, enmeshd there hung.
	The Hours approached, hells fires are kindled
	Fearful Inferno, flaming, up-reard.

	That monstrous mating, a manifold meeting,
	Delving Demogorgon, Dread Devil's organ,
	the harrowing howler, did hunger and glower,
	Abhorrent and hateful, the heavens defiled.

	Dreadful, demonic, most dour that mingling
	Black Night was 'neath Him, naked and groaning.
	Now Nothing was Nyxed, denuded of faith,
	She fled from the fire, ran fey from it's heats

	To Borders of Blackness, now banished by Pyre,
	Fleet-footed nymph, now fearful and dire.
	Weird Webs she wovd, rank ebony mire,
	Deepest of depths, dank Nephila nigh her.


	Fire and Red-flame, dread fell of Muse spells,
	Hearth of the hells, home of the Seraphim.
	Heats of the Heavens, heaving and oozing,
	Pierced by the Pyre, Pale Mattr confusing.

	There Khanya once claimed, crystal cradle of life,
	Her throne hung throngd, by ethereal light,
	But a gulf there gaped, gnawed by the strife,
	'Tween fusd inferno, and ringed Spirit of Ice.

	Away far from Heats' home, not yet free from the fire,
	Spirit Cold rules unsated, sealing World's Doom.
	Gulf-winds were weavd, void-woven by sire,
	Bane-battle intemperate, brimming black Gyre.

	The heats of the heavens, hewed by Long Wars,
	The Pyre was parted, fires peeled and split.
	The throes of Heha then honed them around,
	Flung this way and that, they collided and spat.

	The Crushings of Chaos, did create something new,
	The silvery Ash, shining remnant of !Xu.
	Great Goddess arose, she engravd all things,
	The Bosom of Bounty, to each Wanderer gave rings.

	Behold Ma Divine, great Diva of Destinies,
	Took wandering lights, made fixed their courses.
	Unwary of will, dark forces she seizes.
	With fire-froth forged temples with breezes.

	Black the beyond, light brimmed about,
	The stage was set, His Audience without.
	Yet creatures there weren't, world not yet fit,
	While Far Deeps rejoicd, by star-beacons lit.

	Most ancient of enemies, All-fire and Fate,
	Their battle initial, shed worst of it's hate.
	Now misty and milder did Things then become,
	And mistress Ma moulded, she made Aarde, our home.

                                -- R

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