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Paradh÷s is the dense montane rainforest below the East crags of Devil Peak and Horror Crag on Tormentosa Island, to the nordh of the Cursed Forest and aust of Greatwood

Paradh÷s is Elf-home to a tribe called the Elven Guardians of Paradh÷s, ruled by King Aard˙naem? and Queen Evennen?. The twin princesses, the Aureus Sisters? live with them.

Overview Map

Regions of Paradh÷s

Major Geographical Features

The Pulpit

The Pulpit is a spire of rock that divides Hidden Ravine? from the Stairs of Ascension?. It sits in a craggy amphitheater of cliffs overlooking Paradh÷s. The elves who live in the forest below hold it in pride as the metaphorical castle tower of their realm.

The Wyrmhole

The Wyrmhole is a narrow and precipitous vertical crack situated on the cliffs to the aust of The Pulpit?. It emerges at it's top onto Fernwood Peak? adjacent to the Battle Rock.

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