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A work of fiction is nothing (or at least very experimental) without intriguing characters for the audience to relate to. In the same way, a social game is nothing without the dynamics brought to the table by it's players, who indeed, in the case of Role-playing Games, ARE the characters.

The Game is optimally enjoyed by a group or 4-6 players and one Master of Ceremonies. Everybody sits around a table, each with a set of dice, a character sheet and maybe a token or miniature toy to represent his or her character, and then, guided by the MC, interacts with the world presented and described by him. Everybody goes in turns (which are decided by specific Game Rules) to act out their turn in character, rolling dice to see whether their characters succeed. Success of failure of their intended action is up to the MC's application of the rules and the odds provided by dice rolls of different types.

Rulings made by the Master of Ceremonies are final.

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