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The Rending

The Rending is a huge diagonal crevasse that splits the vertical nordth-eastern faces of Horror Crag. The base of the ravine is found at the foot of the cliffs just above Deerhaven, at the confluence of Silverstream and the Boltwash (called also Flatrock stream).

Those who have dared to hike to the entrance of the dark gorge and peek around the buttress of rock that hides the winding path from view, report having been overwhelmed by an intense panic and fear, and immediately bolted back down the mountain. They are said to have glimpsed massive, stark towers of rock, building upwards pile upon pile, with what seemed like dark and rusted chains hanging loosely all along the cliffs, being fastened to the rock walls somewhere above the swirling cloud-ceiling.

An errant youth was last to try his luck, some years ago, and he too returned with panicked breath and sickly, pale, sweating face. He reported seeing, through a small and temporary gap in the clouds, battlements of what might have been a castle upon the buttress. His story did not find believers, but successfully reinforced the taboo of visiting the fearful place.

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