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Tormentosa Island

Tormentosa Island is the nordh-most landmass in the Tormentosa island chain, and home to the precipitous cliffs and hidden peaks of the The Cloaking Mountains: Horror Crag, Devil Peak and Ironhead, their summits forever lost in the Long Cloud. The island is the locus of many heroic tales, myths, and legends of the unknown...

...and unknown it remains to the inhabitants of the Hither Land, for whom travelling upon the oceans is so understandably taboo. That is, until the daring party of McKracken's Band wash ashore after their craft - the first ocean-going vessel yet built After Wrath - founders upon the dangerous reefs of the Sound of Lies.

Many a fireside tale tells of the dappled forests of Paradhs, the remains of the once-proud Greatwood, as well as the dark and bitter Cursed Forest - supposedly an ancient elven garden conquered long ago by evil.

The island and it's surrounding chain is known by a multitude of names. Some call it Manenbourg for reasons long forgotten, and many know it as the Horror Crag of the bed-time stories of their youth.

The aust island (which is hidden behind the mountains in the illustration above), is known as Storm Finger.


A number of small islets are also dotted around the two main islands:

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