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Westfold Mountains

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'''The core extents of this large mountain range and it's attendant valleys which dominate the Aust and West of the [[known world]] roughly define the borders of the mannish [[Realm of the Westfold Sovereignty]], their high peaks rising nordhward and eastward from the dual-capital cities of [[Pearl]] and [[Wells]].'''


The mountain range is built from two main sub-ranges, a western section that runs mostly nordh-aust containing the [[Dragonstone Mountains]], the [[Witch Mountains]], the peaks of [[Hodhentop]] and the [[Mountains of Cedarwood]]; and an eastern section defined by two almost parallel ranges both running east-west, and ending in the [[Etten-haig]] region. These two sub-ranges contain, in the nordh, the [[Black Mountains]] and the [[Mountains of Babuun Gorge]], while the aust range consists of the [[Long Mountains]], the [[Mountain of Many Waters]] and the [[Mountains of Honey]].

From the roots of the westfold mountain belt the [[Sea Mountain]] also sprang, which stands now as the [[Tormentosa Isles]].

!! Sub-ranges

* [[Camanassië]]
* [[Cloaked Syntaxis]]
* [[Dragonstone Mountains]]
* [[Hodhentop Mountains]]
* [[Mountains of Honey]]
* [[Pearlstone]]
* [[Sea Mountain]]
* [[Witch Mountains]]

!! Regions

* [[Bucklands]] (containing the valley of [[Austshire]] and the [[Cold Plains]])
* [[The Land of Wyverns]] or "[[The Tilled Lands]]"
* [[Valley of Thunder]] or "Long Valley"

!! Major Geographical Features

* [[Cloaked Syntaxis]]
* [[Tortoise Canyon]]
* [[Dragonstone Mountains]]
** [[Great Dragonstone Mountains]] (nordh)
** [[Little Dragonstone Mountains]] (aust)

!! Surrounding Villages

* [[Cale]]
* [[Pearl]]
* [[Sincerity]]
* [[Stoll]]
* [[Urchester]]
* [[Wells]]

!! See also

* [[Geography]]
* [[History]]
* [[Mythology]]



!! For loremasters %red% spoiler

* [[Westfold Mountains Spoiler]]