Tormentosa: Westfold Mountains

The core extents of this large mountain range and it's attendant valleys which dominate the Aust and West of the known world roughly define the borders of the mannish Realm of the Westfold Sovereignty, their high peaks rising nordhward and eastward from the dual-capital cities of Pearl and Wells.

The mountain range is built from two main sub-ranges, a western section that runs mostly nordh-aust containing the Dragonstone Mountains, the Witch Mountains, the peaks of Hodhentop? and the Mountains of Cedarwood?; and an eastern section defined by two almost parallel ranges both running east-west, and ending in the Etten-haig? region. These two sub-ranges contain, in the nordh, the Black Mountains and the Mountains of Babuun Gorge?, while the aust range consists of the Long Mountains?, the Mountain of Many Waters? and the Mountains of Honey.

From the roots of the westfold mountain belt the Sea Mountain also sprang, which stands now as the Tormentosa Isles.



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