The Great Books


These two dusty tomes, major artifacts of the new civilizations of Tormentosa, have been laboriously compiled over many long years and now contain much forgotten knowledge that was once feverishly hoarded and collected by the Old Ones. Those who study these pages will bask in great lore that lay for an Age untold, and learn of many prophesies of things to come: stories of fantastic cities of the past, of wild and desolate plains, of darkling forests and mist-covered mountains, as well as grim tellings of twisted creatures that walk in the shadows.

On the right, with the green gem, is the recently discovered Book of Tormentosa, which details the lands, peoples and histories of the growing realms of the Aust of the continent of Hithervard, where small kingdoms are once again taming the fields and brave travelers are striking out in search of lost knowledge and treasures of the past ages.

On the left, with the black gem, is an ancient and priceless work named Fell Creatures of Tormentosa, also known as the Book of Beasts, a field manual of monsters and dangerous creatures to be found in the perilous realms of the Austlands, such as the sneaky Tokoloshe, thralls of the evil Sorcerors of Muloi and the demonic and terrible Night Howlers of the Ancient World.

I am developing most of the content for these books in a personal wiki on a home server. Once the text is coming along nicely in a decent narrative order I will begin transcribing it by hand into these weighty hand-made leather books, which are said to have originally been bound on the island of Storm Finger.

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Photograph (c) 2012 R'rephistöch Örpherischt