Enter Tormentosa


Here is the opening page of the Book of Tormentosa, a work which I've only begun to plan and sketch out. It will eventually contain all the critical lore a Game Master needs to begin a campaign in the wide realms of Mantis, Tixo and Adamastor, where the skillful Endhro, the stoic Hili, and wise Gnomyn of Kalagaer, all descendants of the ancient Second People, who once called themselves the Bhäntir, battle for survival against the elements.

I began this project as an escape from my very computer-oriented life as a software developer. I needed a physically-based project I could immerse myself in that did not have the same burdens of technology I fight with every day. One major hurdle to this project is that I have atrocious hand-writing. Hopefully I can improve it to acceptable standards for laying down the final text.

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Photograph (c) 2012 R'rephistöch Örpherischt